Thursday, October 29, 2009

just nathan

No breaking news or updates today. Just some cute Nathan moments. My photo and video skills are rough, I know. But I don't know if anyone could truly capture his adorable-ness. Forgive me if this is just me being a doting mother.

just plain cute!

naked bottom time!

margot gets in on the action.

Nathan starts to roll over, but gets stuck half-way. Good work, little guy!

It's that little noise at the end that I was going for...he usually puts a lot of sounds like this together, but when I started filming he got shy.

It's crazy how, as a new mom, I am so excited by the littlest things. Perhaps I'll look back at these some day and wonder why I took so many videos of nothing...but I doubt it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a new season

Nathan was nine weeks old when I returned to work. I guess I should qualify what I mean by "back to work." I was given a PRN position, meaning I only have to work as needed. Since they always need more nurses, I basically just tell them what days I want to work. While Danny is home doing research, I am trying to work two days a week. It has been an enormous blessing to be able to spend a day out of the house doing something I absolutely love while my baby bonds with his daddy. I feel like I have the best two jobs on earth. Labor and Delivery is an exciting and rewarding place to work and the women I work with are absolutely lovely! The best part about my day is coming home to a loving and talented husband (he even made dinner last Friday night after being Daddy all day!) and the last feeding of the day with Nathan.

Nathan has started the sweetest of nightly routines! On days that I work, 10:30pm is the first time he sees me all day. We rouse him from his sleep, Danny changes his diaper and then hands him to me. As he turns and recognizes it is me, his eyes widen and he gives me a goofy grin. He then proceeds to tell me all about his day with Daddy. I know this sounds silly, but he really does! He'll coo and coo with all sorts of sounds, sometimes waiting for a response before he continues. He tells me how they hunted Margots and flew bombers over the Arctic. I know this is not "supposed" to be a social time, but how can I resist such an exciting story? When he finally quiets for his night cap, I find myself staring at him as intently as I did the night after he was born. I so love those sweet still hours of the night.

Fall is finally falling in Augusta. It has been in the 60's a few times now and the leaves are starting to change. Danny and I agree that this is our favorite time of the year. We took advantage of the great weather on Sunday to take a few autumnal pictures of Nathan. I wish I was a better photographer, but this will have to do.

a bit blurry because i couldn't stop laughing.

chillin' with the guys

my favorites

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

making the rounds

It has been a while since I last posted, but I will try to keep it short and sweet. A lot has happened in the last two weeks, though!

Our little road trip was a success. Nathan basically slept the whole way. He ate when we stopped for gas, looked out the window for a little while then fell right back to sleep. What a trooper! In Memphis, Nathan met his Aunt Kelly, Uncle Sam and two Great grandparents for the first time. It was such a blessing to see Papa Howard and Nana Phyllis holding him.

We attended Danny's reunion events, ate some Memphis barbeque and got to watch Joey and Peter play football. Nathan was so proud of his uncles!

My Grandma also got to see Nathan. He was her 80th birthday present. It had been 3 years since we had seen the family, so we really enjoyed our brief visit.

On the way home we stopped in Birmingham to visit Wendy, one of my roommates from college. It is a great half-way point between Memphis and Augusta. We always have such a wonderful time eating at Taziki's, watching movies and sitting around talking. It is so relaxing and was a perfect end to our week away.

On Sunday, Nathan celebrated his 2 month-a-versary. I cannot believe how much he has grown. He seems enormous to me. Here are some of his accomplishments this month:

-Smiles upon smiles!
-Follows an object 180 degrees
-An ever-increasing fondness for his thumb.
-A record 7 consecutive hours of sleep. I happened only once, but now we know it is possible.
-Holds his head up and bears weight on his legs.
-Dirty diapers only every few days. A far cry from the previous 8x a day!

He loves to stare at the fan, windows and anything with light. He is such a happy baby, only getting fussy in the evening. He eats with gusto and is really packing on the pounds! At our doctor's appointment today he weighed 13lb 4oz and measured 22.25inches. I would like to mention that this is 90th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height. I think he's just building a good foundation.

I cannot believe it has been two months. Nathan, each day I love you more! You have my heart, little buddy!