Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Inchworm

Since we returned from Disney, Nathan has been much more mobile. He has been rolling for some time now, but only recently has he discovered forward motion. No army crawling yet, but he does this adorable inchworm thing where he sticks his butt way up in the air and then pushes off with his toes.

He loves to move, so I am kissing the little wrist rolls all I can because I am sure they will be melting away pretty soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Payback time... Mickey style Danny

This one's for all of my embarrassing moments you so joyfully share with the world. And for the foolish antics I'm sure will one day grace the pages of this blog:

First a preface: Disney is big a part of the Macmanus family tradition. It holds so prominent a place Meghan's heart that she fought back tears as we pulled into the Old Key West resort greeted by the "Welcome Home" sign. Elsah, all her life convinced that she'd get married in Disney world, had to "settle" for a fairytale engagement proposal at Cinderella's castle. Mom Macmanus let her inner "Tink" out of her bottle and Dad Macmanus, the ever-in-control, left his cell phone at the condo (even though he had the coolest "fastpass/wait time checker" app ever on his iphone!)

For my part, I've bestowed the coveted "favorite Disney ride" title on one that's not the fastest, most exciting thrill ride. After all, nothing will change your tastes like an eight month old bundle of squealing joy soaking up every ounce of the kaleidoscope of sights and song that is It's a Small World!

Needless to say, Magic was in the air last week. Meghan was so enchanted she didn't even notice I was taping... until the end!!!

By the way, that was my future brother-in-law Jordan in the background: "king for the day" after miraculously withdrawing the sword from Authur's stone.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what happens when I go to work and leave Nathan in his Daddy's care?


jam session.

i love my boys.