Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reason #597 to smile today.

He's not a crier. So I guess I'm not surprised that this is how I find him after virtually every nap. I am convinced he is imagining himself dancing on the ceiling to the sweet baby music he is making for his Maker. Just one more reason to smile.

Friday, February 19, 2010

uh...yeah. we're in the Rockies!

Danny has been back at the hospital for a month and a half following three wonderful months on research. He gets up around 5am (sometimes earlier) and he hasn't come home this week before 11pm. Needless to say, we really needed some time together. Nathan sees the bagger at the grocery store more than Danny, and I think he is starting to wonder.

So last week we flew to Colorado to visit the Macmani (and a Pietz), go skiing and enjoy some much needed time as a family. Big sister Margot had to stay behind this time, but don't feel too sorry for her. She played with her four-legged friends all week and even got to make snow angels in the 5 inches of snow that surprised Augusta.

While we were in Denver, Nathan impressed us all with his newest skill--sitting up. I have mostly the cloth diapers to thank as they provided just enough weight and stability to get him acquainted with this new position. Eliot loved having a new friend, but he couldn't understand why he wouldn't play fetch.

Papa and Boo/Nana/Nini/Mimi/Gramma watched Nathan on Friday so Danny and I could go skiing in the mountains. It was beautiful! Fresh snow and no lift lines. Flying down the mountain felt sooo good. I'll leave out the part about how old it made me feel when my joints started aching and how I almost died...twice. I'll also leave out the part about Danny searching high and low for a fanny pack to wear. I figured the hat he had to wear was enough.

And for Valentine's Day? Danny gave me a Mommy Makeover! A whole day for my mom and me to get a mani-pedi and go shopping for a new purse and shoes. I even got a haircut to complete the transformation. Excuse the facial expression, please. I don't do well with haircuts and was still coping with the loss.

Thank the Lord for a little time off!

Monday, February 15, 2010

187 days of wonderful

It is hard to believe that my sweet boy has been in my arms for 6 months now. Everyone said my life would never be the same, but I never imagined it would be like this. No words can describe how wonderful my life is since he has become a part of it. And each day gets sweeter.

Nathan now:
-Nurses 4 1/2 times a day and eats solids with dinner. He has loved everything he has tried including peas, green beans, butternut squash, sweet potatos, bananas, carrots and brown rice. Almost all of it ends up in his tummy.
-Sleeps 13hrs a night straight and naps 1-2 hours twice a day. And can do it pretty much anywhere.
-Sits up on his own with only the occasional topple. He loves this new perspective on life!
-Laughs and squeals, especially with peek-a-boo games.
-Sucks his thumb more than the pacifier. He loves to have something cloth-y and/or string-like around his thumb for added texture. Hair, drawstrings, pacifier clip ribbon, bibs, shirt sleeves...most anything will do.
-Smiles 98% of the time. Even when he is about to cry, he keeps on smiling.
-Gives [very extra-special people] kisses. They are wet and they are sloppy, but they are the most heart-melting kisses I have ever received (not including Danny's, right?).
-Says "Hey!" when he first sees someone he knows. I thought I was crazy, but it was verified this week by a few key witnesses. I say it counts!

Six months used to seem so far away. But the day is here it is and it is wonderful! Here's to a million more.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



1. something inherited at birth, such as personal characteristics, status, and possessions
2. anything that has been transmitted from the past or handed down by tradition
3. the evidence of the past, such as historical sites, buildings, adorable family photos

Four generations of Linn men, Great Papa Abe with Papa John, Papa John with Daddy and now Daddy with Nathan.

Monday, February 1, 2010

one happy boy

One blue Bumbo: $39.99
One amazing bib: $5.99
One bowl of pureed green beans: $0.60

One happy boy: priceless