Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Peas!

So Nathan "Cheeks" Linn really didn't need to start eating solids. He is not caloric-ly deprived in any way, sleeps 13 hours a night and enjoys his fill of rich milk 5 times a day. But he does seem to be captivated by food (who can blame him, really). He stares intently as I take bites of banana or sandwich, tries to drink out of my straw and mimics my chewing with great skill. On Christmas day we let him suck on a piece of pear--it was Christmas after all--and he was so fixated on it that, upon throwing the nawed and nasty piece to the dogs, he turned beet red and wailed for more. And Nathan never cries.

So I took advantage of the savings at Buy Buy Baby the other day and picked up a pack of organic sweet peas, 50% off. I figured peas were a nice blend of carb and veggie and something that wouldn't give him really high standards for what he would put in his mouth. Note: I am not sure that peas are really the recommended first food, and do not therefore recommend this be tried at home. But moms are supposed to make mistakes now and then. It must be somewhere in our job description.

Of course we got footage of this momentous occasion. My family in Colorado was watching via Skype (they just happened to call as I was preparing the peas, so we invited them to the party) so the cinematography had to adapt. I feel that Danny did a fabulous job as Lead Cameraman, despite my slightly frazzled comments about half-way through. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 months.

This month Nathan has amazed us with his easy-going, adaptable style. We traveled all over the country and he did not miss a beat. He still sleeps about 13 hours a night and has finally established two good naps--a long morning nap and a shorter (read 45min) afternoon nap. If we are lucky he might doze a bit in the late afternoon so he isn't a grumpelstiltskin at bedtime. He has started experimenting with pears and carrots (only sucking on the ones we are eating) and LOVES it. He is eager to begin to explore the world of edibles (and not-so-edibles, I'm sure). He also love to make all sorts of noices and gets really excited when you sing.
we picked up this sweater in Memphis. the sweetest kind of hand-me-down.

Nathan loves to roll front to back but doesn't so much care to roll to his tummy. He is only happy when standing or moving, and adores his big sister, Margot. It has been really cold for Georgia (30s and 40s!), so we have had to really bundle to go on walks or runs.
i can't believe he can sit in it the big-boy way!

we switched to the infant seat so I could stare at that sweet face a little longer.

He spent his first 12 hour shift with our sitter yesterday. We have been blessed with an amazing friend who watches Nathan and her own five month old girl exclusively. She is the wife of one of our high school leaders at church and has been nanny-ing for years and years. Everything went wonderfully, which puts me at ease about the whole situation. I will probably stick to two weekdays a month and let Danny watch him for a few weekend shifts.

So here is our sweet boy at 5 months. Getting sweeter every day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Developmental Milestone #5

He did it!!! Nathan refused to let his roundness stop him. On January 1st he made it from belly to back, letting the weight of his head carry him. I love how that left arm holds on to the ground as though he thinks he might not stop rolling.

And poor Margot. Up until this point, she has been the physically superior child. Now her little brother can do something she cannot--roll over. This is only the beginning, girl.