Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 months (plus some)

So I have fallen embarrassingly behind on Nathan's Month-a-versary posts. So today I snapped a few pictures and I'll update anyone who's interested in his latest developments.

At 10 months Nathan

-has two teeth
-cruises on all the walls and furniture and will walk holding one hand
-finally learned to crawl and not just inchworm
-eats everything! one of his favorite finger foods is broccoli. just like mommy.
-favorite toys are his cell phone and a rubber coaster. he drags them everywhere.
-naps for about 4-5hrs a day and sleeps about 12 hours at night.
-says and mimics "dadada" "mamama" "t t t" "papapa" "nanana" "st st st" "bababa" "yayaya" and a couple other crazy noises. He might have said "dog dog" and "bu buy" a few times. Maybe.
-is still nursing about 4-5 times a day, but also loves to drink from a water bottle.
-loves windows, the water and anything with strings.
-only really laughs when you chew on him. But he is always smiling.

So here are the pictures. They have a much different attitude than they did 9 months ago.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prime Real Estate

Over the past few months, I have developed an interest in the what, where and how of the food we eat. The responsibility of feeding a new life certainly fed my curiosity. I started with a garden, but while waiting for the fruit of my labor I couldn't stop thinking about, well, chickens. I started researching urban chicken-keeping, chicken tractors, the care and feeding of chickens, chicken breeds and where the heck one would go to buy a chicken (the clucking, foraging type...Fresh Market is a misnomer. They only have the silent, featherless type). I was amazed by all of the benefits of fresh eggs (they have about "25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene, and as much as twenty times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, and only about half as much cholesterol as factory farmed eggs*"). And using a chicken tractor would not only keep away the stink, but allow the chickens to fertilize the lawn, eat the bugs and take care of the grass. And maybe it's just me, but there are some sexy chickens out there!

So when Danny said he wanted to get me a fancy new camera for my birthday, I politely declined and told him, "I really just want chickens."

Try as he might, he could not find time to get this project started. My dad came to the rescue (he's good at that kind of thing) and helped me build a home for the girls.

We had a blast! And Danny was still able to pick up and finish where we left off. Next weekend we pick up the ladies, and I couldn't be more excited (and a little nervous, I'm not going to lie. You should have seen me at the Tractor Supply store). But for now I am just stoked that I have the most beautiful chicken tractor I could ever wish for.

there's still some detail painting to do on the shutters,
but you get the idea.

this is the door we will use to collect the eggs each day.

Happy Father's Day, Baby! Now get back to work.

inside the coop, the nesting box is to the left with a water station on top.
the roost is made from a branch we cut off our crape myrtle this winter.

to the left, to the left

to the right, to the right

the girls' door to the yard

i guess we should have been weeding the patio
instead of building a chicken tractor.

And for those of you who really just wanted to see the little guy, here he is greeting Daddy with a "Happy Father's Day" this morning.

*one of the many places you can find these stats.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

catching up: colorado

After a wonderful trip to Memphis for Danny's brother Joey's graduation and some much needed Linn Grandparent time, Nathan and I few to Denver to spend some time with the other side of the family. While there, we celebrated my sister Elsah with a bridal shower, played in the dirt and did a lot of crafts...even for me. Nathan spent three straight weeks away from his Daddy, so when we returned he had LOTS of new tricks to show him including...

Two teeth (finally!)


His first Boy Bump

His first taste of broccoli

as well as clapping, nearly audible utterances of "dog dog," and being able to pull up on ANYTHING!

My parents' dogs weren't quite sure what to think of him. Eliot (the white and black one) tried to find his squeeker a couple of times.

Elsah's shower was on the 30th and there were plenty of things to do to get ready for that. The big project is finished, but it's debut will be at the reception. No peeking...

I painted a sign for my parents' patio.

And decorated all day long. Nathan joined the party after his nap. He had a great time hanging with the ladies.

After being around all these women, Nathan was ready to chill with Papa in front of the television.

We had a great trip and weren't so sure we wanted to come back. The wedding is in September, though, so we'll be back soon, Auntie Donna.

catching up: disney

While some really super exciting things happened during our family trip to Disney World in April (no big deal...my sister just got engaged at Cinderella's Castle), the simpler moments are shown here. Having a kid gives you a totally different perspective on the Magic of Disney. It wasn't in the fireworks or the black light effects or even the way you feel when you walk down Main Street (yeah, I'm a pretty big Disney fan). Watching Nathan stare in amazement at the lights and larger-than-life stuffed animals, hearing him squeal when the music played and dance with all the Small World children, and the way he looked at me after taking it all in...now that was Magic.

For the Character Breakfast, the boys dressed up like pirates.

He LOVED Donald best. Only because Mickey wasn't there.

Nathan and Daddy after hours.

Nathan congratulating his Uncle-to-be on a successful engagement.

Enjoying Turkey Legs in Frontier Land.

A relaxing afternoon by the pool (I don't think we have EVER skipped a day at the park before).

Exhausted at Epcot. This reminds me of a song...

Nathan wearing Papa's overalls from when he was a baby. Too. Darn. Cute.

He slept for four days straight when we got home. Poor guy was wasted!

Friday, June 4, 2010

my plots overfloweth

While I must sit down and document the goings-on of the last three weeks away from home, I am the most inspired right now by the little life I returned to today.

I must say that as home-sick as I thought I would be, three weeks with the grandparents were not enough! I was reluctant to return to my monotony. Margot's excitement made it easier, but it wasn't until I saw the cascading leaves and vine-y goodness that is now my vegetable garden that I knew I am where I belong. For now.

*sweet potatoes and carrots*

*front to back: lettuce, broccoli, parsley, bush beans, tomatoes, pole beans*


*first tomatoes*

*green bean flowers*

*Margot vs. bell pepper*

*first bell peppers*

*Margot vs. zucchini*

and all that from a few itty bitty seeds!