Monday, July 26, 2010

All in a Sunday's afternoon

Perhaps I'm the only one that feels this way, but planning a birthday party (ESPECIALLY the first) is stressful! I've never done anything like this before and lots of people are going to watch me learn. So Danny and I spent the weekend trying to get things ready for Nathan's first birthday. We worked hard to get things cleaned up and prepared for a party.

On my To Do List was to bake a practice cake. I forgot to remove it from the pan before I left for the store, so poor Danny was left with the task. Needless to say, after and hour in the stoneware, half of the cake was on the rack and the other still in the pan. So hopefully I won't make that mistake again. My next challenge was to use fondant for the first time. It was GREAT!!! I had so much fun! The decoration is a little corny, I know, but I only wanted to mess with one color for the practice cake. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of this cake.

After a dinner of cake scraps, I was feeling extra confident. Danny somehow convinced me to let the girls out of the coop. I told him that if they flew over the fence, I was going inside and he could figure out how to get them back (insert image of four chickens wandering down our shaded suburban neighborhood street). He agreed so out we went, opened the door to the coop and they all just stood their. Marilyn, the bravest of them all, finally ventured out but stayed close. The others watched her in amazement. We finally convinced the others that freedom would be glorious. The wandered around the yard, ate corn from around our feet and eventually made their way back to their coop. Nathan sat in his swing watching the episode and commenting on the crazy birds.

So that was our Sunday afternoon. What about you?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Linn Family Vacay (minus Danny)

Nathan and I spent last week with the ENTIRE Linn family EXCEPT Danny. He had to fulfill his resident duties (one of which is no vacation in June or July. Cool rule). So Nathan and I trekked out to Greer's Ferry, Arkansas for a week at the lake. Nathan had a blast hanging out with all his awesome uncles--all 6 of them--and all the ladies too, of course. He slept in the pack'n'play which was set in the enormous hot tub in the master bathroom (thanks Nana and Papa Linn), stayed up late and napped on the boat. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. (Thanks Kristin, for the pictures!)

Aunt Kelly lures Nathan in with a remote control. He would have walked to her anyway...he couldn't stop thinking about the Mint Chip.

Nathan and Momma go tubing...

waving "hi" to everyone on board


Uncle Tim and Uncle Nathan WATER while REAR-FACING

Joey trying to flip the tube while Sammy gives a sinister laugh

Learning to drive the boat...

Time with Nana Kiki...

it was a tiring week! Nathan took a 5 hour morning nap PLUS an afternoon nap on the day we got home!

this one goes to 11.

Since Nathan is turning one (ONE!) in a few short weeks, I thought I better get this 11 month post up before the birthday issue. I am a little late (again) but will try to remember where we were a few weeks ago.

At 11 months Nathan could...

~ take a few steps on his own when encouraged. The record was around 10.
~ feed himself (hands, not spoons) with amazing accuracy and efficiency.
~ wave--hand flopping AND fingers opening and closing--"hi" and "byebye" and say "Hi!"
~ clap when you say "yay" or after you finish singing a song.
~ bounce up and down to dance.
~ wiggle his head and upper body when you tell him to "shake it, shake it."
~ decide NOT to touch the outlet or dog bowl.
~ say "up" when he wants to be picked up or to stand up (only when he really wants to say it, I can't make him do it).
~ kick in the pool when you say "swim, swim, swim."
~ play Charge with anyone interested!

I love this little guy. I can't believe it has been almost a year!

Friday, July 2, 2010

with less than 65 days to go...

Nathan is almost ready to graduate from Ring Bearer Boot Camp.

and just one more...