Saturday, March 20, 2010

warning: this post contains lots of pictures!

I was trying to pick a few of our favorites from Nathan's six month photo shoot. I went into the studio intending to get a bunch of sheets of one pose to send to the grandparents, etc, all for just $9.95! But he is just too darn cute! I'm hoping that the cash he wins after being named Most Adorable Baby Ever will help pay for all the portraits I will probably buy over the next few years.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7 months already!?

I don't know where the past month went. I don't even think I ever posted anything on Nathan's 6 month check-up. Usually, I would be grateful for February to fly by. But not this year. Finally, when I am savouring every minute of every day, every squeal and every diaper change (savouring the change, not the diaper) and every blessed grin, life is blowing past me before I can even sit and glory in it.

So here we are. My baby who is supposed to still be helpless and soggy in my arms is trying to stand on his own. Rather than snuggling close for me to feed him, he is "helping" me with the mashed peas, and when I can't do it fast enough he'll settle for a gnaw on his rubber bib. And tomorrow he has his first job interview.

OK. So he doesn't really.

But he is growing up way too fast. And I just want to sit down and enjoy it for a little while.

So here are some of the things I like to think about:

He likes making all sorts of squeals and vowel sounds. Not too many of the consonants yet but we are getting there. He discovered the "ppp" and "TTTthhh"s about a month ago and seems to be stuck there.

He loves to pet Margot and have his hands licked (followed by a quick rub-down with hand sanitizer--no offense Margot). They cuddle in the mornings, and if I leave him too long and he starts to whine, I'll find him surrounded by all of Margot's toys and a very forlorn big sister.

He is 19 1/2 lbs of pure hunk. He carries it mostly in his cheeks. And thighs. He does about 30 minutes a day in the doorway bouncer to get them trim but so far it isn't helping (thank goodness!).

He loves to eat and has not turned down a single meal. Peas, green beens, avocado, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, banana, peaches, pears, apples, oatmeal, rice, chicken, yogurt and lentils have all passed the test. So far, it has all been homemade and so far he approves.

He laughs and laughs with tickling and any sort of surprise game. I'll do pretty much anything for a laugh out of him. In fact, I am pretty sure I was being followed by security at Hobby Lobby yesterday.

And my personal favorite: He loves to snuggle into my neck when he starts to get tired. He'll rub his face with his fists, find his thumb and ram his forehead into my clavicle. He'll rest there while I sing to him and then look up at me with his sweet eyes as I lay him in his crib. He gives me one last smile before I leave and let him sing himself to sleep.

Friday, March 5, 2010

should I get permission to post this?

Last weekend we went to Braselton, GA for a urology conference. Danny presented his research while I sat in the hotel room with a sleeping baby. It was really very relaxing--nice to be away from all the responsibilities of home-maker-dom in a warm hotel room (with cable!). Nathan was a gem, going to all the dinners, staying out late and sleeping in a pack'n'play without so much as a wimper. We showed him a good time, too. Nathan got to go swimming for the first time and he loved it! I also took him outlet shopping for some summer clothes for our upcoming trip to Disney.

But my very favorite part of the whole weekend is summed up in this picture. This was not a set-up, I assure you. It's authenticity at it's best. I hope I didn't need to have the stars sign a release for me to post this for the world to see...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


...two men in a tub.