Saturday, August 14, 2010

So this is ONE

This post does not contain First Birthday photos (we are still waiting on a few).

This post does not contain One Year Doctor Visit stats (that's next Tuesday).

This post intends only to try to capture what I have come to realize ONE means based on the past few days.

1. If he doesn't like something I do...he whines. If he doesn't like something he does...he whines. If he doesn't like the sound of his whining...he sobs.

2. A lot more crazy stunts.

3. A lot more bang-ups to show for it.

The poor guy fell THREE times on his birthday!
Each time he hit the same spot on his noggin.
I think his left brain must be doing a lot of growing.

4. New favorite foods that he'll want to eat for days on end!

Pirate Black Beard loves black beans.

5. And I'm thinking ONE also means he will start to dislike foods, too. We finally found something Nathan doesn't enjoy: eggs. Good thing we got those hens!

hmm...what is this?

interesting texture, i guess i'll try it...


So I did what any doting and nurturing mother would do...

Got the video camera and gave him some more!