Monday, November 16, 2009

a great weekend

This past week was one of the most stressful for me yet. Silly challenges of motherhood made me crazy until about Friday. Nathan was only napping 30-40 minutes and that was only after crying for just as long. I tried so hard to do everything I had read, but he would just grow more and more tired until he was a basket case by the end of the day. Thankfully he is sleeping well at night, but the days were just wearing me out! I felt like Nathan was looking at me saying, "why can't you just figure it out!" But I know he is more gracious than that.

One of the best things about babies is that when things are really tough you can be assured that in a few days, they will change! And it has. I don't know if he just remembered how to fall asleep or if I got better at soothing. Either way, I am grateful that we have passed another challenge without eating all the peanut butter in the pantry.

When Friday came, we were ready for some fun. To kickoff the weekend, we went on a lizard hunt. I don't know how he made it in the house, but Margot spotted a small lizard (gecko?) on the mantel. Nathan helped Daddy capture it in a cup so they could bring it back to the "wild." A great time was had by all!

he was quick and witty...he thought he outsmarted us by darting behind the bookshelf

but Nathan spotted him and Daddy came behind with the cup.

way to go, boys! (notice the lizard peering out over the rim)

Danny and I both had to work on Saturday, so Nathan spent his first day with a babysitter!!! I was so glad I did not have to be the one to drop him off...I could just pretend it wasn't happening.

We wrapped up the weekend with a wonderful morning at church and a walk in the 70 degree weather. Nathan looked so adorable for church that I had to post a picture (or two...or three). A friend gave us some of her old baby clothes, and deep inside was this itty-bitty tie. I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

three months old!

I remember sitting in the glider one August night at around 3am. Nathan was up for the second time that night and I was counting down the hours until sunrise. I knew I would probably not fall asleep again until around 5am--just in time for the next feeding. Nathan would take about an hour to soothe and then I would take another hour to soothe (thank you, Danny). Words I had read that day swam through my tired mind: everything changes by three months. They start sleeping through the night, their GI systems have worked out the kinks, you will know what different cries mean...the list goes on. Perhaps it was exhaustion or simply delusional thinking, but I did not want that day to come. I enjoyed those lonely hours, examining every crease and hair on my baby's body. I loved listening to his gentle hum as he ate his (second) midnight snack. I knew I would one day miss those sweet hours when it seemed we were the only ones alive.

I think that day has come. The infant that used to lie lightly on my shoulder now pulls back to look around. Only occasionally do we sit alone at night...he'd rather wait until dawn. With all my heart I miss holding his heavy head to get him to burp and all the other wonderful pleasures of those first few weeks. But life goes on.

Today my baby turned three months old. He mostly sleeps through the night (at least 6-8 hours), he rarely grunts or wines with gas anymore, and he has a terrific curiosity about the world. He is growing out of his clothes quickly and loves to stand on my lap. He coo's (more like gha's and ni's) with great intent. I cannot believe how he has changed in the past 13 weeks! Still I am far from understanding his cries...I stand there racking my brain for a possible reason. I cannot figure out when to put him down or how to help him through the afternoon hours. Soothing does not come naturally to me yet, and neither do outings. But I love him more than life and that is as natural as can be.

And every time he looks at me and his face lights up... that very moment is my favorite.

time with family

This past Sunday, Nathan was baptized. Both sets of grandparents came to town for this special day. Nathan wore a gown that was originally made for Danny's baptism. It was one of the most special days in my life. I was reminded of the Lord's faithfulness to generation after generation and His grace and mercy displayed in the blessings my covenant child will experience. Nathan was a real trooper--he had wake up early to be at church a little after eight. He seemed to enjoy being walked down the isle and being sprinkled by our pastor. It was all I could do to keep my composure. He then fell asleep in my arms for the remainder of the service until the organ sounded for the final hymn.

Nathan is excited the big day is finally here.

the font

Nathan being silly after the service.

We had a wonderful time visiting with the grandparents, though the visit was too short as usual. Nathan got more lovin' than he knew what to do with. We are still working on getting him to sleep in his crib again after all the arms that were eager to hold him.

Thank you to all who were with us this weekend--in person or in spirit. It is amazing to think about how many lives will touch Nathan's as he grows in the knowledge of his Savior.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's fun to nibble...
It's sweet...
It's miniature...
And a Halloween treat!

No, it's not a fun-size Snicker's bar. It's my little monster!!

Though he only stayed awake for about three trick-or-treaters, Nathan made the cutest little monster for Halloween.

Halloween day was casual.

After sundown, the monster came out!