Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Monthaversary

 Miriam Ruth! You are well over five months old now, but I am trying to get this stuff down on "paper" nonetheless. It makes me turn on my vintage [read: old and unfriendly] camera and take some pictures of you while you are still a baby. You are growing up much faster than Nathan did,  I am sure of it.

Nathan wanted to help with pictures more than be in them, but I caught him on camera anyway.

 He is all about helping with you now more than ever and wants to "shoosh" you without my help (he does a great job), reposition you (yikes!) and even change your diaper! He is still getting the hang of the snaps, but he pours the wipe solution, wipes her and folds and places the new diaper under you. You get a kick out of it and, quite frankly, I do too.

Miri vs. Pooh
5 Months

 At Five Months you:

~sit up on your own with a tumble (intentional?) when you get tired of the position and want to get to something far away.
~make fun new babble sounds with y's and n's and we are sure we heard you say "da-ddy" even if by accident on two separate occasions!
~tried your first bite of solids (butternut squash) the other day and did a great job!
~have graduated to the next size in your diapers---all the snaps are undone! I guess that is what girl bums are all about!
~play with toys! Nathan is overjoyed (except when he is afraid you will spit up on a truck or choke on a block).
~still do well with strangers. You stayed with your first babysitter last week when Mommy went to Uncle Joe's swearing in ceremony. You took your bottles and even napped well for her!
~ADORE your Daddy! The way you look at him is like no one else! So precious.
~have been waking up at night (around 3am) to eat. You go back to bed easily, but I am not a fan. What happened? Hope you get back into the groove after this cold is passed!

Your brother loves you so much and has loved watching you grow this month. He sings to you and loves to dote on you. This is so classically Nathan! Climbed in your crib with a truck to play you a song and make you smile, leaving his underwear by your head. (Even more impressive was the picture of him stepping over her head pant-less as she stared straight up at that crazy sight. Traumatic.)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...

time for candy!

The big treat kick-off started on Saturday at our neighborhood's Fall Festival. There was a pet parade and kid's costume contest, games, face painting, goodies and crafts. The weather was perfect and, even though I had spend the better part of the morning at the fabric store, Nathan was still running around like a mini Cierre Wood when I got there. Miri had a good time, too, getting a little extra lovin' from all the baby sitting-types.

After naps on Wednesday, Nathan put on his costume and reveled in all the joys of Supermanhood. He kept saying he was getting something special at Trunk or Treat. When I asked him what we was going to get he said, "A lollipop, a chocolate and some granola!" He was a little deflated when I told him he shouldn't expect granola at Trunk or Treat, but I softened the blow by telling him he could have candy for dinner. Here he is just after changing.

I finished getting things ready while Danny was in the...ehem...bathroom. Forever. I started to get worried and sent Nathan in after him (he's a boy, too, right?). He reported back that Daddy was brushing his hair. Danny soon appeared in costume as Nathan/Superman's alter ego. I could not, then, go Trunk or Treating as a disheveled mom! I don't think anyone would even recognize I was in costume to be honest. So in 5 minutes flat I whipped up (see what I did there?) this brilliant bakers costume to compliment the sweetest cupcake in town, Crazy Maizie!

So Trunk or Treating we did go, at the church around the corner. It was amazing! They had 5 or 6 hug inflatables, one of which was an obstacle course and charmed Nathan far more than any of the trunks full of candy.

We finally persuaded him to collect a few pieces of candy for his football bag. The first trunk he went to was, of course, Superman-themed. I submit to you Exhibit A. This is what exactly happened as Nathan reached for his first piece of Halloween candy this year. 

Yes, those are a urologist's hands. And the fact that my grocery budget depends on them is probably the only reason I didn't smack it with my baker's spoon as it reached into the children's candy. It is that Reese's Peanut Butter. The man is powerless in its presence. 

But eventually Nathan got to choose some for his football bag and we moved on.

 The trunks were great but the costumes were even better! Nathan loved looking at all the superheros and familiar (an unfamiliar) characters all around him.

Inside, they had popcorn, hot chocolate and a free family photo. It was great to let Miri warm up indoors. 

When we got home, I helped Nathan dump out his candy (he was reluctant to pour it all over the floor but I feel pretty strongly that this is the right way to do it). Despite all the chocolate, all the gummies, he cared only for the little box of "Nerves." He wanted this one piece of candy and it took him over 24 hours to finish it as he ate them Ridiculous.

We had such fun! So much fun, in fact, that Superman stuck around well into Friday, taking great care not to get any yogurt on his uniform. It is so nice having a superhero around. Daddy enjoyed his stay, too.

This crash landing went on for a good five minutes post recording. But I figured you got the idea.

Hope everyone had a night full of laughs and sweets!