Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Somehow it is October and our little girl is four months old! 

She is all smiles and giggles lately, sleeping like a champ and interacting more with the world around her. Nathan loves how she will grab his shirt or try to chew on him or his toys. She loves her exersaucer, playing in the tub and rolling around on the floor.

 She's 14lb 7oz (more than two pounds less than Nathan was at her age!) and 25.25 in tall (a full inch taller than Nathan was). I am sure this will be the first of many things are are completely opposite between these two.
Miri vs. Pooh Bear

 She has great core strength, but we are still working on endurance.

Just a picture of the piggies
 We are having so much fun with these two, though the weeks fly by.

A few other fun things she started doing this month:

-cooing like crazy, she will talk to anything!
-loving those toes! Who needs baby toys when you can chew on your piggies?
-singing to the music
-giggling consistently

It is amazing how quickly this guy can go from industrial sound effects with his skid steer bulldozer to feeding his lovie baby. Nathan is way more than I could have even asked for in terms of being a loving and understanding big brother and just blessing my socks off. We have moments, but this kid is seriously awesome!

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