Monday, December 10, 2012

Old Rugged Tree Tutorial

 As we were going though our storage closet last weekend, I realized that in the chaos of our moving experience, all but three Christmas decorations went to storage. In Augusta. Five hundred and forty nine miles away.

I wish that meant I had the opportunity to go out and get all new ones, but that is not how it works in fellowship (or most of life, let's be honest). So I sucked it up, stuck our gingerbread lawn ornament in our front planter and lit a candle. Then I started thinking (candles are inspiring, don't you think?).

So this weekend when Danny had some free time, we piled in the car and drove 20 minutes to the Home Depot that is less than a mile and a half from our house (gotta love D.C. traffic...even on the weekends). I convinced one of the guys in an orange apron to give me a wooden pallet from under the bags of cement. When we got home, I explained to Danny where I wanted it cut and he did the rest! 

A few lights later, we now have this glowing but rugged tree to remind us of how, through humble circumstance, the LORD of the universe became man to offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. And those walking in darkness have seen a great light (Isaiah 9:2).

So here is the quick How To:

1. Obtain a pallet from your local hardware store. Don't buy the ones they sell...they tend to have less character and not have the single center plank. Yours might. But then you just spent $25 that you could spend on a manicure. Or legos. Or a goat in Yemen.

2. Sketch two lines going from just right of the center plank to just above the bottom cross beam (that will remain intact as the base) and just left of the center plank to just above the bottom cross beam.

3. Cut. A circular saw works best. A hand saw would be a work out.

4. Use the sides labeled "b" for the front and back wings. Lay the triangle labeled "a" on the floor and place one of the sides "b" on top, with the wide ends flush with one another (this is important so the tree has stability). You can nail it in if you have elf hands. Otherwise, you may need to use a powerful power drill. Measure out where it will go, drill pilot holes and then flip and repeat on the other side.

5. Screw in the first wing and then stand the 3/4 of a tree on it's base and screw the other wing in place, taking care to keep the bases flush.

6. Stand back and feel proud of your free-cycled Old Rugged Tree!

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boysmama said...

Megan, you are amazing! you could be sharing on your own website. So proud of you, where your walk with the Lord has taken you:) I'll share this with my boys- they will appreciate it.

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