Saturday, December 8, 2012

One More Time (we hope)

This week, we were faced with yet another life-altering decision. We had five days to decide where should Danny put into practice what he has been learning over the past FOURTEEN years (yikes!).

We were blessed with two opportunites that, to us, were equally wonderful in professional promise and location: Augusta and Charlotte.
Knowing that we belong to the LORD and that He has ordered our steps, we went to Him in prayer trusting that He would direct our paths (Prov 3:5). 

In addition to the invaluable lessons we learned about constant communion, His concern not only with the where but with the who-you-are-when-you-get-
there, and our unquenchable longing for home, He directed our hearts to join the practice and community of Charlotte, NC.

So at the end of June 2013, when Danny completes his fellowship here in D.C., we will be packing up and heading south once again. The practice he will be joining is upstanding and strong, comprised of men of integrity and the winning personality innate to all good urologists. He and one other doc will be spear-heading their branch in Monroe, NC, about 20 minutes south of Charlotte. We will likely live just outside the city, taking advantage of the land available while still having access to whatever it is a city has to offer (I still love whatever I can find in walking distance!). We are so grateful for what we have here in D.C., but will be ready to "settle down." The far more painful move will be packing up our storage unit in Augusta and really having to say goodbye to that sweet, sweet city. God blessed us abundantly there. It will always be our most cherished memories together and, of course, where the lives of our children began. We will never have another church like First Pres, and we long for the day when we worship together again before the throne. But we must now turn our eyes to what the LORD is doing in Charlotte and how He has called us to join Him there. Danny is thrilled at the prospect of finally getting started, and maybe even having dinner with us before 8pm. 

Thank you all for walking with us on this journey whether it was for miles or just rejuvenating spurts. If we are called to mind in the coming months, here are a few ways you can pray for us:
-We want dearly to cling to the somewhat simple life have lived while in training, confident that this will be a challenge in the midst of such a city.
-We need a church. Leaving our church was, hands down, the most difficult part about saying no to Augusta. We have hope that there is an active and sound church for us to call our own. 
-In the joys and trials of the coming year, we must remember to fix our eyes upon Jesus, just as we have during this challenge, knowing that He who promised is faithful.

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